A Vibrant Fresh Flowing Box Balcony Designer Garden


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Urban spaces comes in all sizes and shapes. No matter how small the space is, we love to design gardens to suit your lifestyle and preferences. This box balcony garden adds vibrancy to the home of our lovely clients.

The Space & Plan

It is a small box balcony of living room. Our client wanted a vibrant and easy to maintain garden, that will stand out. Based on the space, requirements and client's preferences we plan to design this garden as a low maintenance, colorful and maximalist.


Garden Concept, Constraints & Design

We conceptualise this balcony garden to have elegant red and yellow color combination with a green carpet to add to the vibrancy. This space does not received direct sunlight so plants will have to be selected accordingly. Constrained flow of fresh air will also be considered.


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Garden Elements & Plants

Elegant red, Vibrant yellow and shades of green, from apple green to dark green, form the color palette for this garden. Balcony walls were painted light yellow and red pots of size 8x9 inch were mounted on them using very strong metal hangers. A terracotta on the center forms the focal point of this balcony garden. Upside down wine bottle planters coupled with central light make this garden starry. Imported green carpet on the floor has natural texture.


A selection of palms, money plants, succulents and green aglaonema has been used for this garden. These plants do well in daylight, do not require direct sunlight, are low maintenance and on top of all this, provide fresh air!!

The Garden

The garden, in all its beauty, is here. Just like a new bride!!


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