Indoor table-top gardening has got a new designer look!



Indoor table top gardening has traditional roots. You have always loved keeping lovely fresh plants on your study table, work desk and in indoor decor, while secretly desiring to make your table top plants look awesome. Now this life long desire of yours have just got a new designer look! BalconyOfJoy brings new range of table top planters and planter stands, designed and crafted for beautiful aesthetics, superior stability and easy use.

Elegant Premium Wooden Planters

Add a touch of originality and modernity to your indoor garden with these hand-crafted elegant small wooden planters. These have been elaborately designed by our design team. They are natural, spacious and have excellent drainage system. Each planter is hand-crafted and is protected from inside so that you can directly put soil and the plant in it. These planters are perfect for succulents, cacti and slow growing indoor plants.


Self-Watering Planters

If you ever felt worried about watering your plants daily especially on those overnight weekend trips, then self-watering planters are your best friend. These planters mimic nature and just like underground water stream has the space at the bottom to store water which plants can use for few days!!


Metal Planter Stands

Metal planter stands are perfect small table top gardens. They are compact, beautiful and usually have space for more than one pot, so that you can have variety of plants right at your work space. We at BalconyOfJoy have ergonomically designed wide range of metal planter stands for easy use, perfect fitting and greater stability. The designs of these planter stands have incorporated many fine features, for example, the inside surface of the rings in which the pots sit are not round but rather have been flatten, so that pots has good grip and fit perfectly. A complete mini-garden right on top of your office desk or study table!!


Indoor Plants

Indoor plants in high quality and attractive planters are here, curated just for you. These indoor plants provides fresh air and a sight of serenity. Every plant and pot combination has been created keeping all design elements in mind. Never again buy plants in unattractive ordinary black-brown pots.


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