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Introducing an online end-to-end seamless urban gardening experience. Order balcony gardens, terrace gardens, office gardens and gardens for all urban spaces online. Design, setup and maintenance.

BalconyOfJoy is an online end-to-end urban garden design company. We design, setup and maintain designer gardens for all types of urban spaces including balconies, terraces, indoors and offices. We would like to take you through all the various aspects of urban gardening that we at BalconyOfJoy are involved in.

Garden Design & Consultation

Elaborate garden design and expert consultation on various aspects of gardening are the foundation of lush urban gardens. Our design team provides detailed designs which include selection of plants based on location, availability of sunlight and your preferences, selection of pots, planters, accessories and color combination, and designing ergonomic layouts to match your preferences and lifestyle. This garden design and consultation service is part of our complete end-to-end garden design and setup service. Currently we do not provide just design and consultation for garden projects.


Custom Garden Products

Each garden project contains a mix of manufactured and custom created products. Once a project is confirmed, our team begins the fabrication of all the custom products which have been finalised for that project based on your preferences and our suggestions. Wooden and metal planters, stands, hangers and garden decor items along with terracotta and clay products, are handcrafted with utmost workmanship, exclusively for you. For herbs and vegetable edible gardens, our trained gardeners grow saplings using all natural ingredients.

Garden Setup

Once all preparations are done, your garden is ready to be setup. Our team of gardeners and experts, visit the site and setup your garden. This involves all required work like wall painting, fitting and fixtures, organic soil preparations, plantation, plumbing and drip irrigation, trellis, carpet fitting and much more.

Garden Maintenance

For all the gardens that we design and setup, we provide 10-days warranty and free gardener visit during this time period. Beyond this, we provide regular garden maintenance on monthly or subscription basis. Regular maintenance involves gardener visit and required compost-manure mix for your garden. This service is only available for gardens that we design and setup. You can use your online account with BalconyOfJoy to schedule maintenance of your garden and also order for any extra products if required.

Designer Gardening Products

We offer all kinds of urban gardening products. Whether you want plants, pots, planters, composts, manure, stands, hangers and more, you can visit our online store and order from there. We regularly create new designs and launch variety of designer gardening products to make gardening fun.


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